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An effective antivirus and antibacterial self-invented & patented copper-ion infused technology have been widely used in PPE textile products, especially copper mask can help against H1NI, COVID-19, and MRSA scientifically proved.

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Regarding the antibacterial properties of copper ions, we launched a series of copper mask,antibacterial mask,copper infused face mask products and is still constantly developing new copper infused products.

Antibacterial Mask and Copper Infused Face Mask Products Display

Freight reduction of $30 for the first order and sample order. 5% discount on products( Such as copper mask, antibacterial mask, copper infused face mask,etc.).

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Company Introduction

Harvest SPF Textile is a single proprietorship established in 1993 by China Harvest International Industry Limited, which is registered in Hong Kong, specializes in manufacturing healthy functional textile products. We are one of the worlds' leading coppe

Our research and development team have abundant experience in designing yarn and copper fabric. In Harvest, we apply advanced technology into the creation of our copper mask products, according to the fast-changing market demand. We keep integrating high-performance functionalities into general clothing and materials, as a result, we have accumulated rich experience in this field, which enables us to control the whole production chain, from fiber making, yarn spinning, fabric knitting and weaving, dyeing and treatments, to the making of finished copper face mask products.


News about Copper Plus face mask suppliers.We devote ourselves to provide the best services to our clients and partners.

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