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A few questions about dust masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-11
A few questions about dust masks   Q: Can ordinary gauze masks effectively protect dust particles in the air?   Answer: Using gauze masks as anti-particulate masks is the biggest misunderstanding of using anti-particulate masks. Gauze masks are not protective masks. As early as 2000, the government banned the use of gauze masks as dust prevention in the workplace. The two most critical technical indicators of protective masks are the filtration efficiency and the ability of the mask to isolate polluted air. The gauze copper mask not only has low filtration efficiency, but also has obvious leakage. Use the suitability inspection method of the respirator copper mask to detect it, everyone You can realize this right away. Question: Will dust masks fail after long-term use? When should they be replaced?   Answer: As the usage time of particle masks increases, the filtered particles will gradually block the filter material. The filtration efficiency will usually increase, and the respiratory resistance will also increase. The increase. When the breathing resistance increases to the wearer's unacceptable, it should be replaced. Long-term use will also cause hygiene problems, or the threat of contagion caused by repeated use of contaminated masks. Protective masks cannot be cleaned or disinfected, otherwise the filtration efficiency will decrease. If you have been in contact with an infectious environment or found damaged parts, such as missing nose clips, broken headbands, or broken masks, you should replace them immediately.
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