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Activated carbon masks really can prevent mist haze?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-17
Air quality is getting worse now, many people will choose to wear face mask when travel, but now many people will wear dust masks and activated carbon masks, however many users ask activated carbon masks whether can prevent mist haze, disposable masks small make up today is to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Activated carbon masks can only put in the special environment, for example, in the air is out of circulation. Of course, walking in the wild, to resist wind and cold, or in the air pollution of the environment, is the need to wear masks, but time shoulds not be too long. In addition, the flu season, go there may be a large number of pathogenic bacteria in public places, should wear masks. Wearing a mask to prevent the flu is just one of the ways to prevent respiratory infectious diseases, the most important thing is to keep good living habits. Activated carbon masks of anti fog effect is very poor, unless there is a level of active carbon masks, such as type N95 mask level. For more active carbon is to smell, the role of organic gases, not for fog. If you want to use prevent mist haze mask, it is recommended that you choose the black shield to prevent mist haze mask. The adsorption effect of activated carbon have potent. But adding activated carbon in copper mask only adds to the deduction of some of the peculiar smell. In protective particles on the performance, there is no difference with or without carbon, can be deducted from the smell of the activated carbon mask did not increase the protection of particulate matter. Is especially suitable for containing organic gas, acid volatile matter, the occasion of the excitant gas such as pesticides, SO2, Cl2, antivirus, deodorant effect is remarkable. With active carbon masks so prevent mist haze or undesirable.

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