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Analyses how to correctly wear disposable surgical masks?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-30
Said surgical masks we should think of the hospital medical staff and doctors, when their work is to wear disposable surgical masks, so people usually wear disposable surgical masks really wear the right, then small make up today to give you a simple introduce how to correctly wear disposable surgical masks. When wearing disposable surgical masks to white side took a, a metal strip side up, at the bottom of the first two proceeded after the neck, and back up! To mask the bottom of the chin roots; Will mask edge tape pull up, will face mask to cover mouth and nose, the above two chalaza fasten to the ears and head, not on the ear. With both hands index finger compression mask nasal roots above a wire, to make it close to the nasal skin, then gradually move your index finger to the side, is the mask to the face skin. The last step is to introduce the worn: wash: first, wash your hands, lest not clean hand pollution masks inside; Hung: on the nose and mouth mask cross on the face, will be at the ends of the rope with both hands on the ear; Three, : as shown in the figure, hands up and down direction at the same time will mask the creases, make masks to fully cover your mouth and nose and chin; Four, pressure: in the end, with both hands index finger press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose, enable mask top to close to the bridge of the nose. Also need to remind you note: after wearing masks, to avoid frequent touch mask, in case of lower protection; After take off the mask, wrap them in tape or paper bags, add the trashcan disposed with a cover, and wash your hands in time; Don't repeat the use of disposable masks. Analyses what people use disposable respirator is fit for?
now one-time copper mask is often used by people in everyday life, main is to prevent the dust in the air into the body of a respiratory protection devices, at ordinary times we all think that everyone can wear disposable respirator, so it's not like that, disposable masks small make up today to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. When choosing a mask, we need to choose masks in our face, only in this way can separate air, choose consistent with the face is very important. Then choose, choose a favorite color, and then select a kind of comfort, convenient and comfortable wearing, in this way can wear masks will not affect the normal life. Using the mask remember that can't contact with bacteria, this will directly affect the respiratory health. Some people can't wear disposable respirator, such as those with respiratory system disease, or have a heart problem cannot face mask, pregnant woman cannot take mouth-muffle, if wearing masks appear dizziness or breathing difficulties, and so on and so forth, that is not suitable for wearing a mask.

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