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Analyses how to distinguish between surgical masks in the outside?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-30
Now people for disposable surgical masks are not strange, many people have worn, disposable surgical masks, however the inner and outer should be how to distinguish, disposable surgical masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. According to the color judgment. Generally speaking, the deep color for outside side, one side and light color for the inside. Metal strip ( Nose clip) In the fold down side to the outside, also can use waterproof tests to distinguish. If to mask surface water, not that one side of the suction for outside, suction side to inside, refer to instruction for use, or consulting manufacturer. Can also be integrated the following several aspects to distinguish between medical surgical masks inside and outside. According to the color judgment. Many medical surgical masks can use color to identify mask inside and outside, in general, the dark side of outside, and light side to inside. But this method does not apply to mask the same colour as outside. Metal strip ( Nose clip) In the folds down side to outside. Press the nose clip after wear, can make the mask with nose, facial fit closely. When there is blood, body fluids, splash of masks, spitting does not accumulate in inside the fold of masks. You can also use waterproof tests to distinguish. If to mask surface water, not that one side of the suction for outside, water absorption of a - Surface to inside. Refer to the instructions, or consulting manufacturer. Before failed to make a clear distinction between mask inside and outside, it is not recommended to use this kind of medical surgical masks, so as not to increase the risk of infection of medical staff.
what are the benefits of wearing masks in daily life?
along with the continuous development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve, however, the natural environment pollution is more serious, now travel is also more and more people wearing masks, is also the most basically two qiu dong season, today small make up of disposable surgical masks to give users a simple introduce what are the benefits of wearing masks? Actually mask can not only isolated bacteria also can let the dust and fog in the air is better, so that we can better protect the respiratory tract and the protection of the facial skin. In the spring wind is particularly dry, blow to people's facial blowing can make the face a layer of skin, wear a mask can be very good to protect facial skin. Autumn winter season, the weather is cold, and the air is particularly dry, have oral disease people wear masks to better protect the respiratory tract, and to remind here is have rhinitis people try not to wear a mask, it will make the nose more uncomfortable. Winter weather is cold, and cold more people, and also many haze weather, wear masks timely isolated bacteria in the air, can better protect their own immune system, PM2 Zui good belt. Five of the mask. The last point is the man in the paint industry is the need to wear face mask, wearing masks is 3 m masks, however, is to have a built-in activated carbon, so can effectively isolate the formaldehyde and metal elements. So that we can better protect people's health.

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