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Analyses the difference between dust mask and warm mask before? What are those?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-28
Analyses the difference between and warm mask before? What are those? Dust mask and warm masks are frequently used in People's Daily life, everyone is not very strange, but want to say what is the difference between the two masks exactly, disposable masks below small make up to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. From the aspects of the national standard, the is a country compulsive standard GB2626 - 2006, warm mask is, however, no response with constraints on standard. From the point of technical indicators, to prevent particulate respirator in the filtration efficiency, overall key indicators such as leakage rate and respiration resistance has clear rules and testing standards, and warm mask is no hard and fast technical index requirements. From the point of product labeling, in addition to the mark on the product information such as product name, trademark, model, but also show about particulate matter in the product protection, written description and range of application and the corresponding limits, yet warm mask is not needed. The last point is from the aspects of the material of products, warm mask mostly use the materials such as cotton yarn or fabric, soft, washable. And most particulate respirator use non-woven material, it is not recommended for cleaning, when damage to the respiratory resistance increases, dirt, or should be replaced. The above content is and warm mask existence difference, directly after everybody looked, the hope can help, and wear method is also very important, small make up will come next time detailed to introduce this aspect of the content. Activated carbon masks used in daily life time is how long? Why do some hospitals have wear disposable gloves prohibited by the provisions of the elevator?
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