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Analyses the industrial dust mask what are the types and application environment

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-17
Analyses what are the types and application environment of industrial copper mask respirator everyone should not unfamiliar, daily life we are will use to travel. Yet for personnel engaged in dust homework will choose to use a copper mask, dust mask is mainly used for containing low concentration of harmful gases and vapors in the work environment. The filter box only adsorbent or sorbent. Some filter box is equipped with filter layer, can prevent aerosol at the same time. Some military gas masks, is mainly composed of activated carbon cloth, or water &oil resistance of fabrics for the outer layer, the glass fiber filter material for inner layer, soak activated carbon polyurethane foam for the bottom, can provide temporary protection when suffering toxic surprise attack. At present there are many different kinds of industrial dust mask, a detailed look at the following introduction: with abandon type dust mask: mainly consists of filter material mask of sealed, half mask, with or without exhalation valve, generally can not wash with, any component failure that should be abandoned; Replaceable type half mask type dust mask: a single or multiple line replaceable filter element or type of face mask, with or without breathing valve, with or without breathing tube. According to whether can disassemble is divided into two categories: do not disassemble and can be dismantled. According to the coverage of integral two categories: 1/2 half half mask mask and four points; Comprehensive cover: can cover the mouth, nose, eyes and jaws closed type of face mask. Comprehensive cover gas type mask refers to the clean air, isolates and pests through dynamic action, such as air compressor, compressed gas cylinder device management and mask to the face for people to breathe. Industrial dust mask generally applicable in the field of production: coal mine, the coal mine, transportation, loading and unloading, building materials, construction, machinery, casting, medicine, chemical industry, breeding such as dust, smoke environment use; Daily life: prevent mist haze, kitchen lampblack ( KP respirators) Secondhand smoke, etc. ; The main object of protection: dust, smoke, fog and particulate matter, such as microorganisms. What kind of respirators is analysed the characteristics of the Labour protection glove of cycling gloves
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