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Analyses the industrial masks and what is the difference between civil masks are

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-11
Briefly what is the difference between industrial masks and civil masks are now people wear masks and travel, however there are many in the industry society is a special working environment, wear masks industry, however, many users will ask industrial masks and civil masks have what different, what is the difference, disposable masks below small make up to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Industrial mask poor permeability, prevention effect is not good for viruses and bacteria. Although industrial masks can effectively filter PM2. 5 even the following fine particulate matter. But at the same time, people's breath easy to adhere to the industrial water carried by the mask wall, let the PM2. 5 nourishes the adhesion of bacteria and virus, make industrial masks a petri dish, bacteria and viruses and the health of consumers also easy due to the secondary pollution of industrial masks under threat. Long-term wear industrial mask easier to create permanent damage to the respiratory system, especially for children and the elderly. Civil masks masks on the impermeability, though less industry. But has the convenient cleaning, suitable to wear for a long time, repeated use, small damage to the body, and some of the mask has antibacterial function of the brand. Through the outer layer of antibacterial fabrics and enclosed filter, can fight the fine particulate matter in air and bacteria, virus, so as to achieve overall effective protective role. Ordinary mask is analysed and the smog masks have what distinction of Labour protection glove characteristics of cycling gloves
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