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Analyses the principles of surgical masks to choose what?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-30
We all know that in the autumn or winter haze weather will be, the more travel will wear a lot of people in various copper mask to prevent fog. But now the masks on the market basically has disposable masks, ordinary masks, surgical masks, etc. , so small make up today to give users a simple introduce surgical masks how to choose and buy, what are the principle of choose and buy, the following and see it together. Users must consider when choosing masks masks the efficiency of dust, a dust respirator efficiency level is of fine dust and dust for 5 micron blocks efficiency as standard. So the resistance rate of dust is surgical masks to choose essential factors. When selecting a surgical masks to consider to the extent or a person's face, because when the shape and the face mask is not closed, then some danger in the air will never seal leak into, respiratory tract, which entered the body, so that have certain effect to human body health. Masks to wear comfortable, its requirements including breathing resistance is smaller, lighter weight, wear health and maintenance is convenient. So workers would love to stick to wear in the workplace. Maintenance-free type of face mask, now don't have to clean or replace parts, when the dust was saturated or mask can directly discarded after breakage, that is to ensure that the mask health and was relieved from the maintenance workers face mask of time and effort. And many masks are adopt arch design, and the face shape can be ensured and good and can be in the mouth and nose to retain a certain space, comfortable wearing.

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