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Analyses the respirators what are classified

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-11
Shallow of respirators are classified masks generally can be divided into two categories, general masks and respirators. Generally mask is mainly used for wind heat preservation, respirators are mainly used for protection of various particles. Protective respirators in accordance with the different object and can be divided into disposable masks, protective mask, mask for medical use, industrial use mask, coal mine special mask, etc. Masks in the material more diversity, heat preservation effect of masks general use materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere; With particulate matter protection masks are mostly used in filtering material are mainly non-woven fabric. Some vendors in order to take the beautiful, warm and protective effect, adopt all sorts of color of fabric will be the outsourcing of the mask filtering effect of non-woven caught in the middle. In terms of material manufacturing and processing technology, each has its different characteristics, in terms of filter material production, basically use melt-blown or ways, such as electrostatic spinning, and the more part manufacturer can pass in additional charge on the pole technology in filter material, without any increase in the thickness of the material and resistance on the basis of adsorption capacity increased. Labour protection glove types and the suitable environment is introduced the importance of the impermeability of prevent mist haze mask is analysed
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