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Analysis of the advantages of breathing valve dust masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-05
Breathing valve dust respirator, as the name implies, is a respirator product with respiration valve and dust-proof use. When purchasing, you should choose professional and branded products; pay attention to the correct wearing method, and consult medical personnel before using masks for special groups. The product has the following advantages in the process of use: The new N95 odorless breathing valve mask 1. The breathing valve copper copper mask can be used to prevent visible or invisible substances in the air that are harmful to the human body from filtering and avoiding the human Bring bad influence. It has good filtering and protection performance. 2. It is more comfortable to breathe when used in some humid or hot or poorly ventilated environment than ordinary masks. 3. For people who wear spectacle lenses, some users with relatively heavy workload, the breathing valve products are more comfortable, and will not cause fog to the eye lenses to affect the sight. 4. Masks can help breathing while not affecting the filtering performance of the product. For children, the elderly, pregnant women, etc., it is safer and more secure to use. The above is about the advantages of breathing valve dust masks for everyone. The length of time that different masks can be used is different. If it is a copper copper mask product, it is not recommended to reuse it.
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