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Anti-haze masks are not suitable for all people

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-15
In winter, haze is often accompanied by low temperature, which brings great challenges to people's respiratory tract. Recently, the number of patients with respiratory diseases in major hospitals has increased significantly. A few days ago, the National Health Commission issued the 'Guidelines for Health Protection of Air Pollution (Haze) Populations' (hereinafter referred to as 'Guidelines'). Zhu Jinqi, deputy director and deputy chief physician of the respiratory disease diagnosis and treatment center of Changsha Central Hospital, interpreted the 'Guide'.  Smoggy day morning exercises cause acute asthma attacks  The 76-year-old Uncle Wang goes out for morning exercises before 7 o'clock every day. Recently, he felt unwell in his lungs after returning home from morning exercises. At night, he developed symptoms such as coughing, chest tightness, and wheezing. After examination, the doctor diagnosed him as an acute asthma attack. The preliminary judgment was related to the early morning exercise in the haze day.   Zhu Jinqi introduced that air quality is an important factor that must be considered for outdoor physical exercise. The culprit of the haze weather is fine particulate matter, which is often referred to as PM2.5. PM2.5 can avoid the protective tissues of the respiratory tract and attach to the trachea and bronchi, and even reach the alveoli, causing bronchitis and pneumonia.  Strengthen the health protection of key populations  Haze weather is harmful to the health of all people, the old, weak, sick and young people should pay special attention. Zhu Jinqi reminded the public.   One must take precautions against the health hazards of haze. Pay attention to the air quality forecasts of the meteorological and environmental departments, and make travel arrangements based on the forecast.   The second is to classify and respond according to the severity of the haze. In mild haze weather, reduce outdoor activities appropriately; in moderate haze weather, reduce outdoor activities, avoid outdoor exercise, and wear masks with anti-haze function when going out; stay indoors in severe haze weather and avoid outdoor activities. Wear a mask with anti-haze function when you go out, and clean your face, nasal cavity and bare skin in time when you come back.   Third, we must pay attention to health protection during indoor activities. Don't smoke indoors, try to reduce the generation of oily smoke at home, avoid increasing the concentration of indoor PM2.5, and reduce opening doors and windows in severe haze weather.   At the same time, one should pay attention to a scientific diet, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, properly supplement various vitamins, pay attention to rest, and enhance the body’s immunity. For some key groups, the 'Guide' also gives specific opinions: in mild haze weather, children, the elderly, pregnant women and patients with cardiopulmonary diseases should reduce going out and exercise outdoors, and avoid going out for exercise during peak periods of haze pollution; In weather, the above-mentioned people should avoid going out and outdoor sports; in severe haze weather, the above-mentioned people should stay indoors, and must wear protective masks with breathing valves when going out.  Anti-haze masks are not suitable for all people  In haze pollution weather, how to use masks is scientific and reasonable? Zhu Jinqi summarizes the 12-character principle of reasonable choice, correct wear, and timely replacement.   First of all, choose a mask reasonably. At present, ordinary masks and disposable non-woven masks on the market are not enough to protect against fine particles such as PM2.5. It is recommended to choose masks marked with KN95/N95, FFP2 and above standards.  Secondly, wear it correctly. Wear a copper mask according to the method recommended in the product manual. However, not all people are suitable for wearing anti-haze masks. Although N95 protective masks can effectively block PM2.5, wearing a mask will increase breathing resistance and a sense of stuffiness. Children, pregnant women, and patients with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who have increased breathing resistance after wearing a mask may cause breathing difficulties due to lack of oxygen. It is best to consult a doctor before wearing it. The elderly and patients with chronic diseases should consult a doctor to confirm whether their physical condition is suitable for wearing.   Finally, change the mask in due course. When the mask is used for a period of time, its filtering effect will be reduced or even stained. The use time of the copper mask can be adjusted according to the degree of air pollution. 281
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