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Anti-smog masks must be replaced in time

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-28
Masks are an essential 'weapon' for many citizens to prevent smog. However, there are many types of masks on the market. Are they all useful to combat smog? What is the anti-haze principle of anti-haze masks? What are the particularities of wearing masks? Let's take a look together now. In the haze weather, the air pressure is low, and a large amount of dust, germs and other harmful substances are suspended in the air. These substances can directly enter the human body through inhalation and adhere to the inhalation tract and alveoli, making some acute attacks and chronic diseases aggravated. Therefore, you should wear a mask for protection when you go out, but not just any mask can prevent smog. In fact, the principle of mask anti-smog is not 'blockingWhen particulate matter passes through the filter layer of the copper mask, it is absorbed by the filter layer of the mask under the effects of Brownian diffusion, interception by the filter layer, inertial collision, and gravity sedimentation. According to related studies, masks made of simple cotton cloth can only capture 28% of particles, ordinary medical masks can block 40%-80% of particles after scientific testing, and N95 masks can capture more than 95% of particles. Yang Xiyao introduced that at present, ordinary masks and disposable non-woven masks on the market have a certain blocking effect on dust and large particles, but their protection effect is not enough for smog, PM2.5 or microbial particles such as bacteria and viruses. of. In view of haze weather, it is recommended to buy masks with anti-haze level N95 (anti-95% or more) and N99 (anti-99% or more). Wearing a mask for a long time will absorb a large number of pollutants such as particles on the outside, which will increase the resistance to inhalation; on the other hand, the inside of the mask will also absorb bacteria and viruses in the outgassing. Therefore, experts recommend that the wearer replace the mask in a timely manner . Harmful substances in the smog can cause irritation and damage to the inhalation tract and easily cause symptoms such as upper inhalation infection. The low oxygen content of the air during fogging can easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is best to wear anti-smog when you go out. Masks. In addition, open windows as little as possible in smoggy weather, adequate vitamin D supplements, a light diet, drink plenty of water, change clothes frequently, and wash your nose and mouth frequently when you return.
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