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Are disposable medical masks useful for the new coronavirus?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-25
Are disposable medical masks useful for the new coronavirus? Generally speaking, as long as we do not directly contact the diagnosed patient, disposable medical masks are sufficient to meet our daily needs. Outer layer: hydrophobic layer, mainly polyester needle felt, polyester itself is hydrophobic, made of needle-punched non-woven fabric, can block large droplets Middle: filter and electrostatic layer, the main material is polypropylene, this This material is easy to generate static electricity. Buy clothes as much as possible, but as a mask, it can absorb water droplets. Inner layer: hot-rolled non-woven fabric, good moisture absorption and air permeability, can keep the mouth moist and improve comfort. Compared with ordinary disposable medical masks, its external waterproof and filter layer are reduced by one level. Medical protective masks have better water resistance. The structure and protection principle of disposable medical surgical masks. Regardless of medical masks, industrial dust masks or anti-virus masks, there is no disinfectant in the test standards. Because the virus itself cannot exist independently, but exists in the droplet core in the droplet and aerosol state. The face copper mask filters droplets and droplet cores to achieve an anti-virus effect. Diameter> 10 microns: Even the worst degreasing gauze copper mask, this kind of large particle droplets can filter more than 80%. Diameter <0.1 micron: This tiny droplet core is easily filtered by static electricity. The filter layer of the mask mainly uses electrostatic adsorption materials (such as polypropylene), and washing with water will reduce the adsorption effect. Diameter ≈ 0.3 microns: This is the most difficult to filter, so the mask test standard uses 0.3 microns of sodium chloride, as long as the test passes, there is no problem in filtering other particles. The diameter of 82% of the droplet cores is in the range of 0.74~2.12 microns. Disposable medical masks can filter more than 80% of droplets. Even ordinary disposable medical masks have a filtering effect of more than 70%. If you use a copper mask to filter particulate matter, the filtering effect is about 30%. This data comes from the Internet, not scientific test results. Let us temporarily use it as a reference indicator. KN95 copper mask can filter more than 95% of sodium chloride particles; KN90 can filter more than 90%. It is best to use dust masks instead of disposable medical surgical masks. The poor results are activated carbon masks, degreased gauze masks, polyurethane sponge masks and ordinary disposable masks. These masks have neither a medical-grade copper mask waterproof layer nor an electrostatic adsorption filter layer in the middle, which can only filter large droplets. If there are only these types, it is recommended to wear 2 layers, discard the outer layer when used up, and leave the inner layer on the outside appropriately.
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