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Are the anti-haze masks disposable?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-15
Anti-haze masks have more functions than ordinary masks, so the price is correspondingly more expensive. Can anti-haze masks be washed? Is it disposable?    Can anti-haze masks be washed:    cannot be washed. Damp filters breed bacteria. Now all antibacterial and antibacterial publicity on the market is false, and no product can guarantee its use After 4 hours, the bacteria will be controlled below 100 million. In addition, the anti-haze fine particle mask is not cotton, but an electrostatic adsorption material, which will fail after washing.   Anti-haze masks are not as expensive as possible. Sometimes a 199 yuan mask has the same filtering effect as a 1 yuan mask. When they don’t know enough about the product, consumers often feel that the more expensive is better than the cheaper. However, this comparative test of masks proved that this is not the case.   CCTV sent the anti-haze masks on the market to the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center for testing. Test data found that the real filtering effect of a 499 yuan product is 44.5%, and the anti-haze effect is only 67%. And a copper mask with a price of only 7 yuan, the actual test filtering effect is 97%, and the anti-haze effect is 79%.    Is the anti-haze copper mask disposable:    generally. PM2.5 mask refers to a copper mask that can effectively filter PM2.5 particles. The airtightness of the mask determines the ability to filter suspended particles. It can effectively filter the invisible killers in the air-smog, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, pollen and other tiny particles. Suitable for environments with poor air quality. The basic structure of PM2.5 mask is that the outer layer is an antibacterial fabric, made of carbon fiber felt, polymer fabric, non-woven fabric, etc. The basic structure of    PM2.5 mask is that the outer layer is an antibacterial fabric, made of carbon fiber felt, polymer fabric, non-woven fabric, etc. The middle layer is a warm filler, and the bottom layer is a PM2.5 filter. Dust-free granular activated carbon is added in the middle of the filter. The filter is treated with nano-silver fungicide, and the filterability is about 95% to 99%. The main materials of PM2.5 masks are non-woven fabrics, filter paper, etc., and the most important thing is the use of lead carbon cloth, which can play a better anti-virus function. PM2.5 masks are generally disposable masks, try not to use them twice or more.   Anti-haze masks are generally disposable and cannot be cleaned. Everyone understands it. 187
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