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Are the dust masks worn in the workshop useful?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-25
In the process of industrial production, we will encounter some environments with a lot of dust. In this environment, industrial dust masks can effectively ensure that we will not breathe dust and ensure our personal safety. So, is it useful to wear Jiji dust masks in the workshop? Let’s take a look at labor protection and safety tips with you.   There are many kinds of industrial dust masks, and different industrial dust masks have different performances. So, is it useful to wear dust masks in the workshop? Let our editor find out with you!    It is very useful to wear Jiji dust masks in the workshop, because the dust in the workshop can cause respiratory diseases, such as dust deposition. Lung tumors, dusty bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, the most serious and most common pneumoconiosis, the onset of these is slower and generally not easy to detect, and some dust containing arsenic, manganese, lead, etc. dissolves and absorbs in the respiratory tract, causing poisoning, carcinogenesis, and teratogenesis And other sudden changes. Dust respirator selection criteria:    (1) The protection level of dust respirators is the protective effect of dust respirators: At present, our national defense dust respirators adopt the latest GB2626-2006 standard and the new standards. The various quality requirements are consistent with the current international American standards. . The new standard divides the protection levels of dust masks (anti-oily particles) into three types: N100 (dust-proof rate above 99.97%), N95 (above 95%), N90 (above 90%); under high dust, If possible, use a positive pressure respirator (with air supply tube or oxygen cylinder), or use a half-face copper mask. The dustproof efficiency and price of kn95 are very cost-effective, and it is recommended. (2) Wearing comfort of dust masks: The dust masks on the market are generally divided into three categories: rubber, plastic, and silicone. Since silica gel is very soft, the wearing comfort is very good. A good protective mask is scientifically designed and designed. Fits very tightly to the face. While ensuring comfort, it is guaranteed that there will be no dust leakage.  (3) The filter cotton of dust masks must use the principle of electrostatic adsorption. As early as 2000, the state explicitly prohibited the use of cotton masks as professional dust masks. The new type of dust-proof copper mask adopts multi-layer filtering and adopts the principle of electrostatic capture for ultrafine dust, which achieves the protective effect and ensures that the breathing resistance is very small.   (4) The service life of the : The service life of the is mainly determined by the service life of the copper mask body and the service life of the filter cotton. Take dust masks as an example. Dust masks are currently the only product in China that can reach the protection level N100. The protection rate of particles larger than 75 nanometers is more than 99.99%. The main body of the mask is imported food-grade silicone material, which is very soft. Fortunately, it has excellent skin affinity with the face, and the chemical stability of silica gel is very strong, so the service life of the is also very long; the filter cotton adopts the principle of electrostatic adsorption, and the dust holding capacity is extremely high, and the dust concentration reaches the visibility 5 In the case of rice, it can be used for about one month, thereby reducing the comprehensive use cost. The above is that the editor provides you with answers about whether wearing Jiji dust masks in the workshop is useful. I really hope to help you! You want to know more about labor protection products, how to choose dust masks and labor at work Please pay more attention to labor insurance related content such as safety tips! The following are labor insurance dust masks, recommended for use, and you can wholesale some if you like. Disposable activated carbon flat face mask foldable dust respirator cup type advanced dust respirator 171
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