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Are the mask manufacturers and F95 masks the same effect?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-12
Are the mask manufacturers and F95 masks the same effect? N95 (KN95 mask to be precise) belongs to GB 2626-2006, while F95 belongs to T/CTCA 1-2015. N95 mask is one of the nine anti-particle masks certified by the US NIOSH. N means non-oily particles; 95 means that the filtration efficiency reaches 95% under the test conditions specified by the NIOSH standard. As long as it meets the N95 standard and passes the NIOSH exam product, it can be called an N95 copper mask. This is the U.S. standard KN95 respirator is the classification of anti-particle respirators in China’s national standard GB2626-2006. The national standard GB2626-2006 ('Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-Priming Filtered Anti-Particulate Respirator') was implemented on August 1, 2009. Dust masks are divided into three grades: KN90, KN95 and KN100. The filtration efficiency is 90%, 95% and 99.97% respectively. The f95 protective mask is applicable to T/CTCA 1-2015, which specifies the terms and definitions, classification, classification and marking, technical requirements, test methods, product description and packaging of PM2.5 protective masks. This standard applies to masks that people wear in daily life to prevent PM2.5 inhalation in the air. This standard does not apply to the protection of harmful gas and vapor inhalation, nor does it apply to protective masks used in hypoxic environments, escape, fire protection, medical treatment and other occupations.
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