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By filtering the authenticity of a respirator should be how to distinguish?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-09
Masks for people in daily life is indispensable everyday items, there is a kind of face mask is not in daily life, we often use the respirator, today small make up for the filter type the authenticity of a respirator should be how to identify, below it and see it together. To identify the authenticity of a respirator filter type, the actual is to identify the authenticity of activated carbon, filter type respirator can truly play a protective effect of sterilization, the activated carbon content plays a key role. The real activated carbon is after high temperature carbonization and activation of activated carbon particles or activated carbon fiber, even if again meet high temperature will not disappear easily. Forgery of activated carbon on the market the respirator, it look deep black mostly after dyeing and processing of activated carbon cloth, don't harmful gas adsorption filtration effect. Remove the active carbon layer of black, lit with lighter, without residual activated carbon and activated carbon fiber, can decide you buy is not the forgery of the adsorption effect.
buy anti-fog haze mask is what are the details need to be aware of?
air quality is getting worse now, the domestic many areas frequently haze weather, many people choose to buy in order to prevent this kind of weather prevent mist haze masks, however a lot of people for fog is not very clear at the time of purchase haze mask often buy and inferior, disposable masks below small make up to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. 1, try to buy packing, and packing on 'LA' ( Labor protection) Identity or have 'LA' and 'QS' at the same time two marks the haze mask. 2, attention should be given to the identification of the product when buy, see the product name, production date, producer name and address, shelf life, such as product specification are clearly marked. 3, prevent haze respirator use filter material is generally passed a very complicated process, is one-time use product, not washing. 4, due to the face of the person different, a design masks may not suitable for everyone, some people wear closed, some people may not be closed, therefore, for the first time using masks, with reference to the instruction first try best. The above content is to buy fog mask method, we only need to be carried out in accordance with the above methods to buy, will buy regular smog masks, hope can help to you.

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