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Can 16-layer gauze masks prevent dust and smog?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-07
News from our newspaper (Reporter Li Jing) The capital is in the haze, and the health of the public is also harmed. Wearing a mask has become the choice of more and more citizens. A parent asked, where can I buy anti-smog masks for children in Yinchuan? On December 17, the reporter visited many pharmacies in Xingqing District of Yinchuan City and found that many pharmacies were selling PM2.5 masks for children. At noon on the 17th, the reporter visited Xinhua Department Store, Oriental Mall, and retail pharmacies from Qinghe Street to Yuhuangge Street. They found that only cold masks were seen in shopping malls, shopping malls and other places. Even in pharmacies, not all of the above two types of masks are available. Sales. Some stores only sell 12-layer gauze masks, and some only sell 16-layer gauze masks. Of the nearly 10 pharmacies visited by the reporter, only two pharmacies sell N95 masks, and another one sells PM2.5 masks for children. The product description shows that this mask is suitable for children aged 3-6. It adopts advanced filter material innovation technology, has 3 layers of protective barriers, and can breathe freely and smoothly. The salesperson said that the copper mask was only recently launched, and a dozen of them can be sold every day. When the reporter interviewed that day, there were only 8 masks left in the shop.  Respiratory experts reminded that common cold masks cannot stop harmful substances in PM2.5. N95 masks can only play a protective role. Gauze masks with more than 16 layers may block some harmful substances. 136
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