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Can dust masks prevent bacteria and viruses?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-17
Nowadays, you can’t buy masks everywhere. Masks are the only scarce material. If you can’t buy masks, it’s better not to go out at home for your own safety. Some people have dust masks, but I don’t know if there are any. use.   Can dust masks protect against bacteria and viruses?    There are many types of dust masks. First of all, we must know whether the dust masks we want to buy are ordinary dust masks that are only used for dust protection, or dust masks with n90 or n95 standards. If it is an ordinary copper mask, it cannot prevent the new coronavirus infection, but the dust mask with the n90 and n95 standards is sufficient to prevent the coronavirus. Therefore, dust-proof masks cannot be discussed in general as to whether they are anti-virus. It mainly depends on whether the level certification of the mask meets the standards of particle filtering effect. Before the epidemic, the dust-proof masks of n90 and n95 standards were mainly promoted to prevent dust and haze, so they formed a solid impression of them. In fact, they belong to the masks that meet the certification of n90/n95 mask protection level. The particles with a diameter of 0.3μm in the environment can be effectively filtered. Coronavirus does not float in the air by itself, but must be carried out through the droplets of patients. Ordinary medical masks can effectively filter out most of them. Therefore, dust masks are no problem as long as they meet the 95 or 90 standards, and they can help us prevent viruses.   Can industrial dust masks protect against viruses?    Whether dust masks can protect against viruses cannot be generalized. There are many types of dust masks, such as 3M8210 masks, surgical masks, activated carbon medical masks, ordinary dust masks, ordinary paper masks, industrial dust masks, etc. Whether a dust mask can be anti-virus mainly depends on the performance of its filter material. Different dust masks use different filter materials. Generally, composite filter materials are used. Common filter materials include activated carbon fiber, activated carbon particles, melt blown cloth, and Woven fabrics, electrostatic fibers, etc.; on the one hand, the filtering effect is related to the particle diameter, and it is also affected by whether the particles contain oil. For example, the 3M8210 mask adopts 3M's proprietary high-efficiency electrostatic filter technology, which reduces the respiratory resistance as much as possible on the premise of meeting the filtration efficiency performance. It meets the standards of the National Occupational Safety and Health Association, and the particles can be as small as 0.3 microns. In the test, particles with a diameter of 0.075 microns were isolated, and the success rate was 95%. The currently circulating coronavirus pneumonia virus has a diameter of about 0.1 to 0.12 microns and is a non-oily particulate matter. Therefore, this type of mask can prevent this virus; surgical masks are masks worn by medical staff when they work. It is mainly used in high-demand medical environments such as medical clinics, laboratories, and operating rooms. It has a relatively high safety factor and strong resistance to bacteria and viruses. To a certain extent, it can also prevent virus invasion. Other types of masks do not have the function of anti-virus. I would like to remind everyone that when choosing a copper mask, you should pay attention to its type.   There are several types of medical masks   At present, my country’s medical masks are mainly divided into three types: medical protective masks with the highest protection level, medical surgical masks commonly used in invasive operating environments such as operating rooms, and ordinary-level disposable medical masks. 1. The medical protective mask has a good fit with the wearer's face. It can filter particles in the air and block pollutants such as droplets, blood, body fluids, and secretions. The filtration efficiency of non-oily particles can reach more than 95%. (This sentence means that it can reach the N95 level). It is a personal protective equipment commonly used in response to airborne diseases. Common medical protective masks are arched, butterfly and so on. 2. Medical surgical masks are commonly used medical masks in operating rooms and other environments where there is a risk of body fluids and blood splashing. They can block blood and body fluids from passing through the copper mask and contaminate the wearer. At the same time, the filtration efficiency of bacteria is more than 95%, but the filtration efficiency of particles is more than 95%. Limited, and mostly rectangular design, the tightness with the face is not as tight as medical protective masks. Common medical surgical masks include strap-on type and ear-hook type. 3. General-grade medical masks have many names. Medical masks with no protection or surgical words on the name are general-grade medical masks. This grade of masks does not require blood barrier function, and has no tightness requirements, so only It is used in general medical environment. Common general medical masks are mostly ear-hook type, and their appearance is similar to ear-hook surgical masks.  Medical surgical masks have several layers.   Medical masks are mostly three or more layers to isolate bacteria and dust, and they are disposable, safe and reliable, without the risk of secondary infection. There are also several types of medical masks, such as medical surgical masks worn by nurses, which are replaced every 4 hours; medical protective masks used in an epidemic situation are generally replaced within 6-8 hours; medical masks should be discarded after each use and removed after removal Dispose of immediately. 309
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