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Can kn95 masks be cleaned?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-02
Can kn95 masks be cleaned? During the epidemic, masks are generally best not to be reused. In principle, the same is true for N95/KN95 masks with higher protection levels, especially in crowded places, but the actual situation is special. For ordinary people, although they can be purchased Masks are no longer a problem, but as daily consumables, you can save as much as you can. Then some people will ask, can N95/KN95 masks be washed with water and can be reused several times?   Can they be washed or scalded in boiling water?   Q: Can N95/KN95 masks be washed?   Answer:   N95/KN95 masks cannot be washed. Nowadays, the filter cotton of many masks uses the principle of electrostatic adsorption. If it is cleaned, the structure of the filter cotton may be destroyed, and the protective effect of the N95/KN95 mask after cleaning will also be much reduced.   It will also affect the fit of the mask. If there is no replacement mask, you can sterilize it with an ultraviolet lamp or blow it with hot air from a hair dryer for 5-10 minutes.   Under normal circumstances, when any part of the N95/KN95 mask is found to be damaged, you should stop using the mask and replace it with a new one.  Q: Can N95/KN95 masks be scalded with boiling water?   Answer:   N95/KN95 masks are not recommended to be scalded with boiling water. The barrier layer in the middle of the N95/KN95 mask has the function of electrostatic adsorption, which can filter small particles. If it is scalded with boiling water, it will destroy the structure and function of the copper mask.   It will cause the loss of filtering effect. Scalding with boiling water may also cause the copper mask to fail to return to its original shape, which will not fit the face well, and will also affect the protective effect of the mask. Can it be reused, how many times can it be used?   01 Reusable can be used repeatedly under no special circumstances, provided that the mask is intact, undamaged and clean. In the following cases, a new mask should be replaced in time, such as using N95/ The respiratory impedance of the KN95 mask has increased significantly, the mask is damaged, the mask cannot fit on the face, the mask is contaminated, or has been exposed to infection sources or droplets. If these conditions occur, it is recommended to discard the mask and replace it with a new one in time of.  02 Need to be stored separately   The inside of the mask is a layer of meltblown non-woven fabric, which is a kind of ultrafine electrostatic fiber. The biggest feature is that it will have electrostatic adsorption capacity after electret treatment. If the airflow you breathe passes through the non-woven fabric, the air passes normally, and all dust and toxic droplets are all absorbed by static electricity. However, if static electricity is in contact with water, the mask will not have electrostatic adsorption, and masks without electrostatic adsorption capacity have no protective effect.   Therefore, masks are generally disinfected by dry heat, which can be sterilized by ultraviolet rays or dry-baked. They can also be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place, or placed in a clean, air-permeable paper bag. The masks should be stored separately to avoid contact with each other. 03 Wearing a maximum of 5 times. Researchers have done relevant research on the protection efficiency and wearing time of N95 medical protective masks. The results show that N95 masks are worn for 2 days, the filtration efficiency remains above 95%, and the respiratory resistance does not change much; wear for 3 days The filtration efficiency is reduced to 94.7%. The advice given by the US CDC is that when there is no sufficient supply of masks, as long as they are not obviously soiled or damaged (such as creases or tears), they can be considered for reuse. It is recommended that the number of repetitions not exceed 5 times.   Nowadays, masks are our daily necessities, and the mouth that it touches is the most sensitive route of transmission. The so-called disease comes from the mouth. We should be extremely cautious about the use and handling of masks. To protect yourself, start with the correct use of masks. 337
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