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Can non-woven masks be washed in water

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-22
Non-woven masks cannot be cleaned. Non-woven masks are the same as 3M dust masks. The filter materials are all electrostatically treated. Washing will immediately damage the filter characteristics of the copper mask and the structure of the copper mask, thus greatly reducing the non-woven copper mask. The characteristics of cloth masks to filter dust and fine particles. Masks usually need to be replaced within 4-8 hours, and the dirty appearance must be discarded and replaced immediately. As long as the filtering mechanism of non-woven masks relies on ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, the fiber diameter is about 1-5 micron, so after the dust is captured by the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, it is very difficult to be removed due to cleaning, and non-woven masks After washing, it will damage the electrostatic dust collection ability. Therefore, non-woven masks cannot be cleaned, and they cannot be used repeatedly, so they must be discarded after use.   Non-woven masks are widely used, can be used for medical and health work, can be used for beauty, pharmacy, heat preservation, good flexibility, good air permeability, waterproof and absorbent. Especially for some pollutants in the air, through the filtering effect of non-woven masks, these harmful gases can be thoroughly filtered, and everyone's health can also be guaranteed.  Non-woven masks have poor durability or strength. Therefore, non-woven fabrics cannot be washed and cannot be reused repeatedly. In addition, you must be careful when using non-woven masks. Its fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so it is easy to split from a right angle. These aspects are hoped to attract everyone's attention. 235
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