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Can non-woven masks prevent viruses in life?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-19
Can non-woven masks prevent viruses in life? Everyone should be familiar with      masks, because many users wear masks when they travel. Many users in the market wear non-woven masks. Basically It is to prevent dust in the air. Many users will ask whether non-woven masks can prevent viruses. The editor of disposable masks below will give a brief introduction to the majority of users.   good air permeability, non-woven fabric is better than other fabrics, if mixed with filter paper, it will have better filterability; at the same time, the water absorption rate of non-woven copper mask will reach the waterproof effect. Much better than gauze masks;    non-woven masks have good flexibility. Even if they stretch from side to side, they will not look unkempt. They have a good feel and are very soft. Even if they are washed many times, they will not harden in the sun. The non-woven copper mask is elastic and can be restored to its original shape after long-term use.   For anti-viral and anti-bacterial infections, medical masks are recommended. In addition to the high hygiene requirements for medical masks, medical protective masks also have the function of effectively blocking liquid splashes. Due to the possibility of blood or infectious body fluid splashing during the operation, this splashing has a certain pressure instead of general liquid penetration, and the copper mask material has a relatively high ability to block pressurized liquid. Only in this way can it be effective. Anti-viral pathogens. Therefore, in the standards for medical protective masks, special test methods are used to test the liquid barrier properties of these products. 408
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