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Choice of masks for daily use

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-01
In winter, people often wear various masks when traveling. There are so many kinds of masks on the market. Do you know what kind of copper mask you wear? Let’s take a look at it.   1   non-woven gauze copper mask is the most basic mask, made of simple gauze. , The ventilation effect is poor, but the filtering effect is obvious, which can effectively block the 'communication' with the outside world. It has a wide range of applications and lacks professional isolation effects. Therefore, it cannot achieve medical or targeted effects. It is often used in the food sales industry. 2   Gauze masks are more common in life. The material is composed of cotton cloth and has a certain isolation effect. The main function is mainly through the composition of cotton cloth. This is the basic structure of gauze masks. Some of them have different functions according to the place of application. , Carry out special treatment on the gauze. 3  Medical masks are more targeted. They are mainly used in hospitals and disinfection places. The characteristics are also very obvious. Most of them are disposable, mainly to block germs. Of course, the masks worn by nurses and doctors in hospitals and the attending doctors Masks during surgery are also different. 4   PM2.5 masks are relatively popular nowadays. With the frequent haze pollution weather, they can often be seen on daily roads. Passers-by wearing PM2.5 masks are specially used to filter PM2.5 particles. , Of course, can also be used in other places, it seems a little overkill. 5   Activated carbon masks are specially used to absorb peculiar smells. They are used in places that have strict odor requirements, such as wearing similar masks when cleaning up garbage. Similar masks for a specific purpose include dust masks, gas masks, etc. Paint repellent masks and so on.   Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the health field for many years. As a professional mask manufacturer, An has been committed to the development and production of respiratory protection products, medical equipment, maternal and child health products, and vision care and rehabilitation. Under its umbrella, there are many brands such as Ann , ATV, Nureta Infant, Medical and other brands. The high-end products are loved by consumers. The company adheres to the concept of technology and love, and will create more excellent products to serve society.
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