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Choose according to the national standard dust mask just four steps

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-18
Four steps to choose according to the national standard dust mask just now we all know that the development in society, but air pollution is becoming more and more serious, many areas often appear sandstorm weather, so many people travel will wear dust mask to protect healthy. So how should consumer choose dust mask, disposable masks below small make up is to introduce to you how to select the copper mask according to the national standard. Measurement: using the fluorescent pen to test the dust mask, if there is a fluorescence reaction, then masks added fluorescent agent, use this mask will produce carcinogenic risk, must be discarded. : look at the lining of the mask is a special white, if is obvious especially white, certainly after bleaching process, the resulting material will contain carcinogenic chemicals. Smell: the smell dust mask have a pungent odor, if there is a pungent odor, containing harmful substances. Check: if it is anti-virus masks, check what kind of antibacterial way; If it is through the nano silver ion antibacterial is not recommended, because silver ions as a kind of harmful heavy metals to human body. Note: dust masks masks new gb national standard does not apply to children of respirators inspiratory resistance requirement is 175 pa, the resistance is bigger. For children, pregnant women, the elderly and patients with heart disease and respiratory disease, this part of the group is not suitable for this kind of high resistance level of absorption masks. This part of the community, especially children, had better choose respiratory resistance below 15 pa and bacterium filtration efficiency ( BFE) More than 99. 9% of the copper mask. Filter principle of surgical masks is analysed what one-time anti-fog haze respirator use note have
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