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Comparison of the grade effect of protective masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-29
As air pollution becomes more and more serious, protective masks emerge in endlessly on the market, and there are various types. manufacturers will talk about the grades and effect comparisons of some of the more common protective masks. After the classification and protection level of protective masks, there are mainly the following categories, I hope it will be helpful for everyone to purchase. 1. Chemical fiber masks. The main component of the chemical fiber mask material is chemical fiber material. The mask itself does not incorporate a protective barrier filter material, so the blocking and insulating effect on dust is quite limited, let alone PM2.5 or influenza virus, but wearing one is better than Don't wear it stronger. 2. Disposable masks. The main material of disposable masks is non-woven fabric plus a layer of filter cloth, which has a small effect on dust and some PM2.5 and avian influenza viruses, but it blocks fine particles such as PM2.5 and avian influenza viruses. The effect is also limited. 3. Cotton mask + ordinary filter copper mask. There is no better PM2.5 mask on the market than this one. A layer of cotton cloth plus an ordinary non-woven filter is better than the first two in terms of practicability and visual aesthetics. 4. Industrial protective masks. The main materials of N95 masks are cotton-like cloth plus special filter cotton for masks, and the airtightness of the overall design of the copper mask has a relatively good blocking and filtering effect on PM2.5 and avian influenza viruses, and protects against industrial dust and toxic gases. The effect is better, and the degree of recognition is relatively high. There are also some types of protective masks. Today, we will briefly introduce these types of protective masks and their grade effects. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!
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