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Consumers really understand surgical masks?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-26
Consumers really understand surgical masks? Wearing masks is now is a very common thing, but in recent years more and more people wear surgical masks is also, however, consumers really understand surgical masks, then of disposable surgical masks small make up today to give the users a simple introduce surgical masks. Here are together and see it. Surgical masks, consists of mask body and tighten belt, which masks face body is divided into inner, middle and outer layer and inner layer for close skin texture, middle to isolate filter layer, the outer antibacterial layer for special material. Surgical masks class a lot, common surgical masks for one-time non-woven masks, gauze mask, and antiviral mask. One-time non-woven masks, layer number is more than three layers, more to isolate bacteria, dust, and the disposable use, safe and reliable, and no secondary infection risk. Gauze masks, most have been type of masks, gauze mask in the field of medical, scientific research fields have a wide range of applications. Antiviral masks, special materials, mainly with filter layer, the general filter layer using activated carbon felt or melt-blown fabric. Have the effect of sterilization, sterilization.
consumers really know the correct way of wearing the masks?
masks everyone not unfamiliar, should to wear masks, every winter people travel, however, people usually wear face mask method are correct, in fact is not all right, disposable masks small make up today to give the general consumers simply introduce the correct way of wearing the masks, below it and see it together. First you before wearing a respirator must wash clean first, and then for a side of peng up surface, elastic on both sides and then hang in behind the ear. Then on the article by nasal cartilage in the direction of the side will face mask joint face, nasal side will be the rope hook ears. The final step is to put the mask overlapping part fold up or down, respectively, stretching, wrapped in until the chin and nose. The above content is the right way to wear face masks, hope everyone can wear in accordance with the above method, so that can better protect people's physical health.
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