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Copper has powerful anti-microbial properties, If copper-infused clothing is worn during sports, they have the potential to prevent bacterial and fungal infections that thrive in warm and humid environments. This also prevents itchiness, burning, dryness, scaling, and blistering associated with infections.


Since copper kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses upon contact, it prevents these microbes from feeding on your sweat and emitting nasty odors. It’s the most natural way to stay fresh, even if you’ve been sweating for hours! Copper is essentially self-sterilizing and so, even if copper compression socks, copper pajamas, copper shirts, boxer shorts, or gloves are washed less often, they will still efficiently keep unpleasant odor under control.


Copper is highly effective at thermal regulation. Wearing copper compression fittings boosts blood circulation and keeps hands and feet warm in any weather.

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