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Correct method of use of gauze mask is analysed

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-28
People's Daily life often use gauze masks, but a lot of people in the use of gauze masks is just one wear casually toward the face, it'll be ok. In fact, many people are wearing masks when the method is not correct, then the disposable masks small make up today to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Actually the correct way of wear the gauze mask is to make the nose clip up, protective gauze masks hold the breath to the chin. If there are two headband, brought the above head put on the position of the head, the following set of overhead on the neck of the tape. Underneath their ears. If you only have a head band, belt should be in the on position. Confirm the respiratory protective gauze mask to cover your mouth and nose, and covered his chin. Look in the mirror can help breathing the location of the respirator on the face. To check every time after wear good respiratory protective gauze mask to wear air tightness. Check is divided into two steps. Completely breathing respirators with both hands, and then quickly inspiratory, whether around breathing respirators and face tight joint. Then, both hands exhale completely breathing respirators. Be careful not to change the respiratory protective wear gauze mask. If found in the process of the two air from near the bridge of the nose leak, according to the method of step 5 to adjust the nose clip. If it is found that there is air around the leak, the respirator head with adjusting to the more backward position. Analyses what are the types of masks
in the market with the continuous development of society, the living standard of people also gradually increased. However at this time of the natural environment has become more and more bad, frequently, haze weather causes a lot of places, so now, people wear masks and travel, but what are the types of masks are on the market, disposable masks of small make up is to give users a simple introduction, here and see it together. There are ordinary paper masks: block is useful when large particles, less than 5 microns in diameter, easily through, bacteria isolation function limited; Dust and dust mask: mainly, the function of anti bacteria in general; The haze masks: mainly to isolate pm2. 5 mainly functions as the haze of masks, with dust, and other functions; Nonwoven surgical masks: with three layers '( non- 编织) 'Manufacturing, operating room environment suitable for use; More than 4 micron particle diameter can be stopped; Activated carbon material, activated carbon surgical masks: join is the most important role in every flavour, not prevent bacteria, virus, and respiratory resistance increased, bacteria isolation function 98%; Industrial copper mask: industrial dust mask when the choice must be according to different operation requirements and working conditions, should choose according to the dust concentration and toxicity, all industrial copper mask for harmful concentrations of occupational exposure limit of not more than 10 times environment, otherwise it should be used fully cover or protection grade higher respirator.

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