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Detailed instructions on how to wear a mask

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-09
A few days ago, the National Health Commission issued guidelines to explain in detail how to wear masks for the general public, personnel in specific places, key personnel, and occupationally exposed personnel.   Among them, the general public is advised not to wear masks at home, outdoors, where there are no gatherings of people and well-ventilated places. In low- and medium-risk areas, it is recommended that you carry a spare mask and wear a mask when you are in close contact with other people.   Although it is not necessary to wear masks all the time, people still need to wear masks when they go out.   Wearing a mask is a science, and    wearing a mask is the same.   In contrast, many people lack understanding of how to wear masks properly. Some people just tuck the mask into their pockets at random, while others pull the mask to the chin or hang it on one ear for convenience. As everyone knows, stuffing a mask into a pocket can easily cause the copper mask to be directly stained with contaminants such as bacteria. A mask hung on the chin or ears will become a collector of pollutants, directly adsorbing dust, particles and droplets in the air, and then infecting bacteria to the human body through contact with the chin or neck.  Experts pointed out that when carrying a mask, you need to pay attention to the method. Fold the inner layer close to the nose and mouth inward and the outer layer outward. Fold it and put it in a clean envelope or fresh-keeping bag, not directly into your pocket or bag. As for keeping the mask on the chin or ears, covering or pulling it down from time to time, it is even more undesirable. It will cause the outer layer of virus filtering to pile up and may touch the inner layer.   In addition, there is no need to wear a mask from time to time, which allows some people to over-release themselves and often forget to wear a mask. In this regard, the general public should continue to maintain a sense of precautions and develop good hygiene habits. They can put an unopened mask in their pockets, bags, cars, work places, etc., and reserve them at any time.
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