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Disposable flat mask factory, high-end quality look for Frederick masks

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-23
Disposable flat mask factory, high-end quality look for masks disposable flat copper mask factory, the high-end appearance of Frederick masks-Baowei Kang Labor Insurance Products Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and production of labor protection equipment, personal protective equipment and medical consumables And sales services. The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the maximum temperature even exceeds 30°C. When I went out the next day, I still had to open the hood. I am bored wearing a mask. Moreover, when the temperature rises, I will inevitably encounter a lot of small troubles. What should I do if the mask is soggy, earaches, acne, etc.? Creasing, redness and earache. As a result of wearing a mask for a long time, many people's cheek bones, nose bridge, cheeks and the skin tissue behind the ears are easily compressed and rubbed, resulting in redness, swelling, chipping and breakage of the skin. Solution: 1. Choose a suitable mask type, such as a headband mask, which can reduce friction and pressure on the skin behind the ear. 2. Use external force to reduce pressure, such as using a milk hand strap to tie the handle of the milk box (biscuit box) to the straps on both sides of the mask to avoid strangulation of the ears and reduce the pressure on the skin tissue behind the ears. 3. If the redness and swelling of the indentation is not severe, there is no obvious pain, but only slight discomfort. You can apply the gel on the gel bone, bridge of the nose, cheeks, behind the ears, etc. Protect before wearing a mask. , and then paste gel dressings, etc. to reduce friction between the skin and the mask. 4. After the skin is slightly damaged, erythromycin ointment, growth factor gel, etc. can be used to promote repair. People in specific places 1. People in densely populated hospitals, bus stations, train stations, subway stations, airports, supermarkets, restaurants, public transportation and communities, such as places where units are imported and exported. Protection recommendations: In low- and medium-risk areas, staff wear disposable medical masks or surgical surgical masks. In high-risk areas, staff wear medical masks or protective masks that meet KN95/N95 and above standards. 2. In prisons, nursing homes, welfare homes, psychiatric medical institutions, school classrooms, construction site dormitories and other crowded places. Protection advice: In low- and medium-risk areas, you should carry daily spare masks (disposable medical masks or medical surgical masks). When people gather or have close contact with others (less than or equal to 1 meter), wear a copper mask. In high-risk areas, staff wear medical surgical masks or protective masks that meet KN95/N95 and above standards; other personnel wear disposable medical masks.
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