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Disposable mask production process

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-23
production process Faced with the recent new coronavirus epidemic, masks have become an indispensable item in people's lives! Today, I will take you to understand the production process of disposable masks! The cost of disposable masks is very low, can be mass-produced, and can be fully automated and mechanized. Especially in the world factory with the world's most complete industrial system and the world's largest production capacity, there is no need to worry about the supply of anti-virus equipment. The current automatic production line uses non-woven fabric rolls, which are automatically cut into copper mask shapes, and the ear straps are automatically welded after automatic lamination. The finished product is packaged after sterilization and other procedures. The whole process is fully automated, the clock can produce one or two clocks per second, and multiple production lines can be produced at the speed of the barrel. ▲Rolled material▲Earbands▲Welding earbands▲Cut shape▲Finished product release
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