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Disposable masks cleaning and directions for use

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-21
Disposable masks cleaning and use disposable masks in more and more widely used in everyday life, it's clean and we need to know the content, disposable masks of cleaning up the specific measures are: 1. Clean up. Use warm water and soap gently rub gauze masks, cup mask also can dip in with soft brush detergent gently brushing, then use cold water to wash clean. Warm reminder, don't push hard rub again, due to the large gap if gauze fabric loss prevention effect of droplets. 2. Disinfection sterilization. Will wash clean masks in the aqueous solution of 2% peracetic acid covered or in hot water for 20 minutes or 30 minutes into the boiler steam for 15 minutes, then drying and set aside. This method is suitable for gauze masks and cup mask. 3. Inspection. Again before application shall be carefully mask and mask can still intact, for gauze masks and the mask can be used in a light penetration test, the former care to get the lamp, see if there is any significant points of light, light transmittance and edge part is in the middle of consistency, if have doubt to replace the new one. Whatever you do, masks and masks in cleaning up after 3 to 7 times in general also updates, very good quality masks can also clean up 10 times. Activated carbon masks to pay special attention to regular replacement of activated carbon filter type interlayer, if activated carbon isolation layer can't be replaced, used 7 to 14 days to change, this kind of mask cannot be used again after cleaning. Advantage: very ventilate; Can be blocking toxic gases; Can heat preservation; Can water absorption; Can be waterproof; Scale; Not easy unkempt; Feel very good and is equivalent to soft; Relative to other masks, texture is soft; Very elastic, can also recover after stretch; Contrast of low prices, suitable in many production. The use of disposable masks that: 1, wash hands before wearing a mask. 2, with both hands holding a rope, the darker side of the outer ( Blue) , tone light, ( Matte white) 。 3, the mask is one side of the wire ( There is a small hard) On the nose, according to their own nose is pinched wire down completely, then the mask cover body to cover your mouth and nose mask thoroughly. 4, general 8 hours to replace a disposable respirator, cannot reoccupy.

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