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Disposable respirator protection knowledge is introduced

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-21
Disposable respirator protection knowledge introduction to our living environment is also more and more bad, now frequently, fog weather, many regions however PM2 now. 5 respirator masks and prevent mist haze also become more popular, but a lot of people to the protective effect of disposable respirators understand very little, disposable masks below small make up will come under the simple introduction to the customers. Good filtering effect is not equal to good protective effect filtration efficiency only refers to the core part of the copper mask - — Filtering effect of filter cloth material, does not represent the masks protective effect, because of the mask and sealing. Even if the filter cloth filter effects really can reach 99%, if the sealing is not good, mask protection will be discounted. New standards on the properties of masks used the 'protection' comprehensive index, to 'inhalation of air quality in the body after wearing masks' this visual effect to define the performance of the mask. This can avoid the masks of focusing on filtering effect and ignore the sealing. After wore can be inhaled PM2. 5 concentration is reduced to less than 75 micrograms per cubic meter, after the filtering inhaled air quality good and above level in the body, is qualified. Different pollution index of different levels need to wear masks to wear face mask after the air inhaled should reach at least level of air quality standards of 'good', but the air in the gas mask are different, it puts forward different requirements on the performance of the mask. As A result, the standard will prevent haze masks protective level from low to high is divided into four levels: D, C, B, A, corresponding air quality in national air quality standard category Settings and air pollution - — D to moderate ( PM2。 Concentration of 5 150 micrograms per cubic meter or less) And the following pollution, class C adapted to the severe ( PM2。 Concentration of 5 250 micrograms per cubic meter or less) And the following pollution, class B adapted to the serious pollution, PM2。 Concentration of 5 350 micrograms per cubic meter or less) A grade, the PM2. 5 when concentration of 500 micrograms per cubic meter. Later can see air pollution condition before going out, and then choose to wear respirators according to actual situation. Not everyone can take respirators old people, children, patients with cardiopulmonary diseases such as type the weak, the use of N95 respirator requires careful, prescribed when necessary. If you about their physical condition is appropriate for, or feel uncertain weighing the pros and cons of wearing masks, should consult a doctor. In addition to some high-end models, tackling the tough environment with copper mask is generally no oxygen supply, instead will increase respiratory resistance in different degrees. And respiratory dynamics from the movement of diaphragm, etc. Well, that is to say, the wearer needs to be more trouble driver well to realize gas exchange, cardiopulmonary function for well is weak or bad, sick baby, this extra consumption could be quite big, well tired, take a breath of oxygen of harm could exceed the risks of particulate matter itself, so these people on the question of whether to wear face mask needs to carefully.

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