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Disposable respirator should satisfy what standard how to choose and use?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-20
Disposable respirator should satisfy what standard how to choose and use? Now, with the natural environment is becoming more and more bad, cause air quality is worse and worse, people travel will choose wearing masks, but people choose the mask is one-time , to how to satisfy the standard of what, then, the user should be how to choose and use of disposable masks below small make up to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Unit of choose and employ persons to provide individual laborers occupational-disease-prevention articles must meet the requirements for prevention and control of occupational diseases. Similarly, engaged and the operator of the dust exposure use disposable respirator should also conform to the requirements, in accordance with the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau, released by the national standardization management committee respiratory protective equipment GB2626 - The unit of 2006 standard, the production of disposable respirator must be made in accordance with the production and business operation license, all production specification must conform to the corresponding standards. This standard specifies the respiratory protective equipment production and technical specifications, to prevent mist haze mask material, structure, appearance, performance, filtration efficiency ( Resistance rate of dust) , respiratory resistance, detection methods, product identification, packing and so on have strict requirements. Must prevent mist haze mask material for skin, no allergic, filter material is harmless to the human body; The structure of the to ease of use, and so on. The standard divides into the oily KP and non oily KN type; According to the performance of the original dust and dust resistance rate of high and low are divided into KN90, KN95, KN100, KP90, KP95, KP100 six kind of filtration efficiency were 90%, 95%, 99. More than 97%. KP type applies to take oily dust prevention, such as paraffin, jade expected oil etc. KN type is suitable for non oily dust prevention, such as salt, ore, coal, cement, etc. Model, the greater the number in the show that the higher the rate of dust, dust and the higher safety coefficient. When buying, should according to different environment to the dust concentration high and low mask. GB2626 - 2006 standard also specifies the inhalation of exhale resistance and resistance coefficient of the standard. Homework personnel shall wear feels comfortable, exhaling and inhaling can easily, and, without a sense of breathing disorders usually breathing rate is 20 times a minute. Inhalation and exhalation of ventilation resistance constant coefficient is 85 ( ±1) Litres/minute. Disposable respirator of choose and buy, in addition to have issued by the government department stores with sales of protective equipment designed to buy licenses to procurement, according to GB2626 - even Type 2006 standard according to the working environment of dust, dust concentration and particle diameter selection need the type of ( Such as oily/non oily , the required type, etc. ) 。 The six types of is suitable for the dust concentration is not higher than 200 mg/m3. If dust concentration is higher than the standard, will use the dust removal equipment such as ventilation, exhaust, reduce the dust concentration of the working environment. According to the study found that 2 micron particles can directly into the lungs through the respiratory system, cause harm to the lungs; Dust concentration is high, the dust particles less than 2 microns, choose high resistance rate of dust , such as treasure sunan KN100, KP100 these models, can prevent fine dust, reduce lung injury by workers. Dust mask choice or advice to high level such as KN100 is best.

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