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Disposable surgical masks can filter the fog haze?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-24
Limit of particularly serious air pollution, and now the cold of winter, a lot of places haze weather often occur, fog pose threat to people's health, so a lot of users at the time of travel will wear masks to hide. However, many users will be asked whether surgical masks can filter the fog haze, disposable surgical masks below small make up is to give users a simple introduction, hope can help to you. Disposable surgical masks include common surgical masks, medical surgical masks and medical respirator, among them the highest medical respirator protection grade. It consists of three layer material, the inner is non-woven fabric, the middle for superfine melt-blown polypropylene fibre material layer, outer layer of non-woven fabric or ultrathin polypropylene melt-blown materials; The dawn of the hydraulic filter tiny virus aerosol or harmful dust filtering effect significantly, oily particles blocking, filtering efficiency of air ≧ 95%. Although the filterability of the mask is very good, but it cannot be completely filtering. Because, fog not only contains the oily particles, such as dust, acid mist, dust and cement dust and microorganism; Also contain oily particles, such as, coke oven smoke lampblack, oil mist, asphalt smoke and diesel exhaust, etc. To oily particulate and gaseous chemical, medical respirator can filter out completely. Finally remind of medical protective mask is usually used in the medical environment, is not very suitable for ordinary people to wear in daily life. N95 respirators are normally used for occupational respirators, for example, cut off some microbial particles, but because of the quality of a material is thicker, at ordinary times is not comfortable wearing.
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