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Disposable surgical masks everyday wear when error is introduced

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-19
Travel as the weather gradually cool, many users are starting to wear disposable surgical masks, but they often don't realize the oneself when wearing disposable surgical masks are already into the erroneous zone, the small make up today is to give the users a simple introduce what are the pitfalls. Ordinary disposable masks do not necessarily sterilization or disinfection, is only applicable to general situations. Common surgical masks or after disinfection and sterilization, apply to the medical institutions, but did not do bacteria filtration rate request. Disposable surgical masks must conform to the industry standard, PFE> 30%,BFE> 95%, sterile, is suitable for the diagnosis and surgery of the medical staff. We often say the repeated use of disposable masks and washes the face mask is not effective dust haze, the requirements of their production standards and no dust haze, mainly used for filtering material in the air, unable to make effective closed area around the mouth and nose.
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