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Disposable surgical masks must be blue?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-25
Disposable surgical masks must be blue? Not necessarily everyone to a new type of pneumonia recently only need to wear disposable surgical masks to prevent the spread of droplets, generally we see disposable surgical masks basically is blue, but there are also other colors. Some is a blue one side white, also have a pure white, pure blue, green and other colors. Disposable masks is made of three layers above 28 grams non-woven fabric mask. White surgical masks the positive and negative points? Points. In general have hang rope side belong to the side, should face to face; There are other ways: the difference between a first mask is divided into three layers, upper and lower two layers of non-woven fabric and intermediate layer of filtering material, three layers of cloth are connected by ultrasonic welding, moreover mask there is an indispensable components - The bridge of the nose, this article three layers of cloth according to certain order to the bridge of the nose up in masks body upper part; Last may, according to, wearing masks is smooth side of contact face, face mask above the bridge of the nose slightly convex side outwards this principle to distinguish the face of positive and negative of masks. Disposable surgical masks can put how long? Suggest no more than 4 hours of medical disposable masks do not recommend to wear for a long time, every 2 - general advice Replaced every 4 hours, if wear disposable masks have used a long time, more than 4 hours, a large number of particles in the air traps in masks outside, thereby blocking the mask filtering material, the gap will not only make masks filter efficiency drops, still can make breathing resistance increase, over time, nasal mucosa have an effect to human body, reduce the physiological function of nasal cavity of the original. But now in the special period, also some experts suggest that if you don't have been to high-risk area, masks can also continue to use after sprayed with 75% alcohol. Wearing face masks, glasses of fog is a very annoying thing. PTFE nanometer film masks, there is no this kind of problem. Despite high efficient platoon is wet, the adjustable nose clip with special-shaped sponge, makes the respirator fit tightly and moisture will not leak down from above, so as to avoid glasses of fog. Health fabrics, 0 fluorescent agent, anti-allergic close skin, not harm the skin. 3 d cutting, can be a very good joint face, and leave breathing room.
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