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Disposable surgical masks on foundation knowledge is introduced

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-24
You will often see a doctor in hospital disposable surgical masks are worn, many knowledge of disposable masks to understand or less, small make up today to give users a simple introduce some knowledge of the disposable surgical masks, below and see it together. Disposable surgical masks can filter the virus aerosol dust and harmful, and respirator wearer through sneezing, talking with the patient through air droplets spread disease. Disposable surgical masks block PM4 more particles, but for smaller particles can't protection, not suitable for severe pollution weather to go out to wear. To prevent the disease in the spring of bacteria, dust particles, infectious diseases, the body. Especially often contact the patient's health care workers must wear surgical masks. Dental doctor must replace mask after real patients. Is the most common surgical masks in non-woven fabric types, layer number is more than three layers, more to isolate bacteria, dust, and the disposable use, safe and reliable, no secondary infection risk. Disposable surgical masks to wear method to avoid frequent touch mask, in case of lower protection; Take off the mask, wrap them in tape or paper bags, and wash your hands in time; Can't reuse disposable masks, disposable masks is usually 6 - wear time Eight hours just need to change once. Don't hoard masks, namely, ready to use form and mask after a long time also bacteria can develop.
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