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Disposable surgical masks to use again

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-23
If it is the special period of epidemic, regular disposable surgical masks, basically not enough use, each big pharmacy, basically is also difficult to buy, although some places now, already began to organize distributed disposable surgical masks, but still not enough, fully meet the needs of people. Then the mask enough, how to do? You may wish to consider how to use masks, repeat today is to introduce a small coup, simple, practical, and everyone can be processed. Together and see it! Disposable surgical masks, can disinfect with alcohol or use boiling water to cook? Daily disinfection work, we first thought, probably is medical alcohol disinfection, or cooked in boiling water. In fact this two methods, for disposable surgical masks, is appropriate. Have expert, related research, confirmed the problem. Use alcohol disinfection, or cooked in boiling water, after disinfection of disposable masks, masks the protection is reduced greatly. Basically, it's no longer have the effect of preventing virus. You actually can also have a try. Masks, therefore, main is to prevent droplet transmission of the virus, the masks will need to be waterproof. Therefore, we can have a try, don't use a disposable surgical masks, pour water in it, can see clearly that the water cannot be through the mask. And spray with alcohol or use boiling water boiled masks, can let a face mask lose the ability of waterproof. Water can be directly through the mask, therefore, the droplets is also likely to penetrate mask, so that can't very well to prevent the virus. Therefore, if we want to reuse mask, mask for disinfection, must not use of alcohol or cooked in boiling water disinfection. But we can be in front of the discarded used disposable surgical masks, use of alcohol or to sterilize in boiling water way, so you can avoid secondary pollution, also won't bring harm to others. Put in trash can in the home, even if the baby was mistakenly took, also need not worry about disease. How do we disinfection of medical masks? You know, the new crown pneumonia virus in addition to the fear of 75% alcohol, or fear of high temperature. Although we can't use boiling water to cook mask. But we can go to use hair dryer, disinfection of masks. Hair dryer, but every family some things. We just need to use a respirator, placed in a plastic bag, seal. Then use hair dryer for disinfection. And use plastic bag in order to prevent in the process of disinfection, virus spreads out. We will mask seal in a plastic bag, and then after fixation with a hair dryer, blow hot air to the masks, half an hour, can basically achieve disinfection treatment effect, so after processing, the mask can be used again. This approach, the disinfection effect is good, also won't break the disposable masks. Everyone can try.
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