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Disposable surgical masks took effective age to how to deal with?

by:Copper Plus     2021-01-24
Disposable surgical masks took effective age to how to deal with? You can see a lot of doctors in hospitals and clinics to wear disposable surgical masks, however, the use of disposable surgical masks also has certain validity, so if the validity of the use, then how should we deal with it, below small make up to give the user a simple introduction of disposable surgical masks is out of date should be how to deal with? Surgical masks is known to all the quality requirements is relatively high, it is a mask body surface and tighten belt composed of two parts, general surgical masks in front of the body can be divided into inner, middle and outer three layers, the inner pay attention to the health gauze or non-woven fabric is ordinary, middle is generally adopts super new melt-blown polypropylene fiber materials, the adoption of non-woven or outer layer is thin polypropylene melt-blown material layer. Outer with droplets prevention design, middle filtering, the inner moisture absorption, masks for the non-woven material. This mask is mainly used to protect the doctors from droplets and splash, its rate of particle filter is only more than 30%, the bacteria of filtration rate can reach more than 95%. If the disposable surgical masks to date, the proposal is not in use, if the outer packing under the condition of no damage and no pollution and can be used, but to be on the safe side, suggest or disinfected after processing, it's safe.

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