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Do babies need to wear a mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-07-04
The weather is freezing cold and colds and viruses start to move around. Many people start to wear masks when they go out. In addition to filtering the fine particles entering the nose and mouth, they can also block some harmful bacteria. But do babies really need to wear masks?    is commercially available. Masks are generally designed for children over 3 years old, because babies under 3 years of age have weaker lung function than adults, and the obstruction of masks will increase the difficulty of breathing for babies and may cause the risk of suffocation. But many moms have an unbalanced mentality and feel that they are wearing masks. If they don't wear a mask, they seem to be sorry for him/her. Actually, the need to wear a mask varies from person to person. I’m here to help you categorize a few points for reference by moms and dads. Regardless of whether you need them or not, remember to pay attention to the warnings below!    I want to wear them for babies Reasons for masks 01 Lungs are not fully developed. Babies’ lungs are not fully developed. When the weather is cold, they are more likely to be invaded by bacteria than adults. It is easy to cause discomforts such as colds in the baby. The nose and mouth may also be blocked by sputum, which affects breathing. . 02 The nasal hairs are not fully developed. The blood flow in the baby’s nasal cavity is abundant, the nasal cavity is narrow and the nasal hairs have not yet grown. It is easier to enter the body for tiny external irritation and bacterial particles. When infected, due to the congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa, it is often narrow The nasal cavity becomes narrower or even occluded, causing difficulty in breathing. Even with the common cold, infants and young children may have difficulty breathing, refusal to milk, and irritability.  03 Breathing rate is faster than that of adults.   Baby’s breathing rate is faster because the lungs are not fully developed. The lung capacity is small. The lung capacity is 6 times smaller than that of adults based on body surface area, so the chance of inhaling pollutants is higher than that of adults. If you want to wear a mask for your baby, you should pay attention to the following points: 1. Be sure to choose a copper mask with good air permeability and conform to the baby's face 2. Dad should pay attention to the baby's condition at all times than mommy to avoid the risk of suffocation 3. When the baby is asleep Be sure to remove the mask. 4. Read the instructions and precautions for using the copper mask in detail. 5. For babies with poor nasal passages, trachea, lungs or heart function, or when they are sick and weak, they should avoid wearing masks to avoid increased breathing difficulty.  The reason why babies don’t need to wear a mask  01Increase breathing resistance  I don’t know if you have any experience like this. After wearing a mask, breathing will be more laborious than normal. Adults have enough ability to overcome such resistance because of the perfect structure of the five sense organs, but the baby's nasal cavity is narrow and the breathing ability is not the same as that of adults and can be easily overcome. 02 Weak breathing function baby sleeps for a long time, if you take your baby out to go shopping, the baby falls asleep, after falling asleep, our breathing ability is weaker than when we are awake, but because he/she is afraid of contact with the outside air, he/she wears a mask , When not paying attention, it may cause the danger of suffocation.  03 Foreign body blocking the trachea  The baby may vomit or vomit. If you wear a mask at this time, not only is it not easy to detect immediately, but it can also cause the risk of inhalation and choking of the vomited substance into the trachea and lungs. If you don’t want to wear a copper mask for your baby, you should pay attention to the following points: 1. Since you know that the outside air is not good, try to avoid it 2. Use less slings and switch to a stroller to go out, and cover the entire stroller with a protective cover 3. You can wear it to your baby Put on a hat to avoid droplets from the sky
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