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Do you know how to buy masks?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-12
Do you know how to buy masks? Because the natural environment is getting worse and worse, people wear masks when they show up. When it comes to masks, everyone will say how to choose, because many users do not know how to choose when buying. The following editor of disposable masks will give users a brief introduction, hoping to help everyone. Users can consider the efficiency of dust prevention when choosing, because masks are used to block dust and bacteria, because if these cannot be blocked, it will have a great impact on human health. Therefore, the user should first consider the blocking rate when choosing a mask. The sealing performance should be considered when purchasing, because the side leakage prevention design of the mask is a technical requirement to prevent air from being sucked through the gap between the copper mask and the face without being filtered. Because air flows like flowing water, it will flow to places with low resistance. If the copper mask is not in close contact with the face, some dust and bacteria in the air will be inhaled into the human body, so we must consider the tightness of the copper mask when buying. The comfort of wearing masks should be considered when purchasing. Many people need to wear masks at work. If the comfort of wearing a mask is not good, it will seriously affect people's work efficiency. And the wearing comfort is not good, so people don't usually wear this mask, so the wearing comfort of the mask is also very important.
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