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Do you know the correct way to wear a mask?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-10
Collars and safety protection/2013-05-08 Common sense of wearing protective masks This chapter mainly uses question and answer forms to explain and answer questions about people who wear dust masks in daily life. Q: What is a dust mask? Answer: Anti-particulate copper copper mask is a kind of respiratory protection equipment, and the main object of protection is particles. Including dust, mist, smoke and microorganisms. The particles that can penetrate the bottom of the human lung are very small, usually less than 7 microns, which poses a great threat to health, is the culprit of several pneumoconiosis, and the main purpose of protecting anti-particle masks. Inquiry: the applicability of the particle mask. Answer: The best copper mask is not to look at whether the mask really plays a protective role. Another important selection factor is applicability. There is no one-size-fits-all design that fits everyone's face shape. The current certification and testing of particulate masks cannot guarantee that the mask is suitable for each specific user. If a leak occurs, pollutants in the air will enter the breathing area from the leak, so inappropriate masks cannot provide effective protection. Q: What is an N95 mask? Answer: N95 is the lowest filtration efficiency of NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) for American occupational particulate respirators. Refers to the protection of non-oily particles (such as dust, paint mist, acid) under the test conditions specified in the standard (smoke, microorganisms, etc.), with a filtration efficiency of at least 95. Question: Can ordinary gauze masks effectively protect dust particles in the air? Answer: Using gauze masks as particulate masks is the biggest misunderstanding of using particulate masks. Gauze masks are not protective masks. As early as 2000, the government banned the use of gauze masks in the workplace to prevent dust. The two most critical technical indicators of protective masks are filtration efficiency and the ability of masks to isolate contaminated air. The gauze mask not only has low filtration efficiency, but also has obvious leakage. Please use the respiration copper mask suitability test method for testing, everyone can immediately realize this. Q: Long-term use: Will dust masks fail? When should it be replaced? Answer: As the wearing time of the particle mask increases, the filtered particles will gradually block the filter material, the filtration efficiency will usually increase, and the breathing resistance will also increase. When the breathing resistance increases to the user's unacceptable level, the breathing resistance must be replaced. Long-term use will also cause health problems or threats of infectious diseases due to repeated use of contaminated masks. Protective masks cannot be cleaned or disinfected; otherwise, the filtration efficiency will be reduced. If you have been in contact with an infectious environment or found damaged parts, such as a missing nose clip, a damaged headband, a damaged mask, etc., you should replace it immediately. Do you know the correct way to wear a mask? Q: What is the purpose of activated carbon masks? Answer: Adding a layer of activated carbon or other gas-absorbing materials to the particle mask can reduce some low-concentration gases and produce unpleasant odors, that is, reduce peculiar smells. Such as: the smell of rotten substances (mainly organic substances). When the concentration of malodorous gas is too high to be harmful to health, you should wear a gas mask. Question: How to judge the shelf life of dust masks? Answer: The concentration of particulate matter in different environments is different, the nature of the particles is also different, the wearing time of each person is also different, the dust holding capacity of various anti-particulate masks is different, and the methods of use and storage are also different. This will affect the life of the mask, so it is impossible to uniformly specify the specific replacement time. When any part of the particle mask is damaged and the breathing resistance increases significantly, or when the hygiene requirements are not met, the entire mask should be discarded. Q: Can dust masks be cleaned? Answer: Whether it is anti-virus or dust-proof, do not rinse the filter element with water, otherwise the filter element will be damaged. The particle mask cannot be cleaned. related articles? Choose the right dust mask to prevent pneumoconiosis? The difference between medical protective masks and other types of masks What kind of dust masks are beneficial to welders? ? Where can I buy gas masks? Use a gas mask? How to choose the classification of dust masks? Introduction to the basics of 3M dust masks What type of dust masks are effective? ? 3M KN90 copper mask model selection GB19083-2010 technical requirements for medical protective masks
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