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Do you know what N95 masks are against coronavirus?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-29
Do you know what an anti-coronavirus N95 mask is? An anti-coronavirus N95 mask can resist 95% of non-oily particles above 0.3 microns. It can prevent smog and can also help prevent flu. However, if the N95 anti-coronavirus mask is dirty, or after a long period of use, it is recommended to throw it away. Don’t think that if it is dirty, just wash it and you can continue to use it. Why? Let’s talk about it today. Why can't the anti-coronavirus N95 copper mask continue to be washed and used? Simply put, this is because the anti-coronavirus N95 masks absorb bacteria and viruses through the principle of static electricity, and they will be washed away after washing with static electricity. After washing, the anti-coronavirus N95 masks are no different from ordinary medical masks. It's different.   I just said that the anti-coronavirus N95 mask can filter out more than 95% of non-oily particles. Compared with ordinary medical masks, the anti-coronavirus N95 copper mask has one special feature, that is, there is an electrostatic adsorption layer in the middle of the mask. This layer of cloth is composed of super fine fibers. After special treatment, it has a strong electrostatic adsorption capacity.   Static electricity must be familiar to you. In dry winters, your hair may be stuck on the sofa or balloon. This is the effect of static electricity.   Put on an anti-coronavirus N95 mask. When the air you breathe in and out passes through the electrostatic adsorption layer, the dust, droplets, bacteria, etc. in the air can be absorbed by this layer of cloth. As long as there is a secret weapon of static electricity, the anti-coronavirus N95 copper mask can always maintain a strong filtering function.   However, static electricity is most afraid of water. If the middle layer of the anti-coronavirus N95 mask is saturated with water, the static electricity will disappear completely and it will not be able to absorb the particulate matter in the air. Therefore, anti-coronavirus N95 masks cannot be reused after washing. Please remember this.   Now you know, the anti-coronavirus N95 mask can not be washed and used, if it is dirty, or after long use, it must be thrown away. 379
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