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Do you really wear labor protection masks correctly?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-26
Do you really wear labor protection masks correctly? As we all know, we often use labor masks in our daily lives. There are many kinds of labor masks, such as rubber, cotton, leather, long sleeve and short sleeve. However, labor protection masks in different industries are different, and different types of labor protection masks have different uses. However, in our daily life, is it really correct to wear labor masks? The following editors with labor masks will give users a brief introduction, and hope it will be helpful to everyone. As we all know, sometimes wearing a mask at work is not flexible, so it is best to work barehanded. However, if you don't wear a protective mask, your hands will be injured to a certain extent, and you will lose your fingers or arms severely, so it is very important to wear a protective mask. When wearing a labor protection mask, you must first check whether the mask is damaged. If you find such cases, you must immediately replace them with new ones. At the same time, when using labor protection masks, you must choose a mask that fits your hands. If they are too small, they will strangle your hands, which will prevent blood circulation in your hands and make your hands uncomfortable. At the same time, if you wear a large labor protection mask, it will cause the mask to slip off, resulting in unsafe hands. Finally, the copper mask must be cleaned in time after use, because if the dirt and bacteria on the mask are not cleaned, it will have a certain impact on human health, so cleaning the mask in time can better extend the life of the mask.
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