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Do you really wear masks correctly?

by:Copper Plus     2021-06-11
Do you really wear masks correctly? 1. Why do we need to use on-demand masks scientifically? Answer: Wearing a mask is an important means to prevent pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. When necessary, everyone should choose the appropriate type of mask to wear and use to protect themselves. At the same time, each person is also responsible for distinguishing different types of work, production locations and housing, and wearing masks according to the degree of exposure to the epidemic, without too much protection, thereby improving the efficiency of wearing masks and reducing waste. Resources. Currently, there are five different exposure risk levels: high, high, medium, low, and low, which can be used as a guide for choosing and using masks. People with high and high exposure risks are mainly those directly involved in the prevention and control of front-line epidemics. Most of the remaining personnel are personnel with medium, low or low exposure risk. 2. Is it safe to wear N95 masks during the production and warranty period? Answer: On the front line of the fight against epidemics, high-risk (high-risk) medical staff need to wear protective masks or N95 protective masks. It is usually only recommended that medical staff working in general outpatient clinics and hospital wards wear medical masks. The public does not need or advocate the use of N95 masks. 3. I am not a medical staff, but should I wear a mask in crowded or closed workplaces? Answer: If you work in a relatively closed and crowded place, such as hospitals, machinery factories, train stations, subways, land buses, planes, trains, supermarkets, restaurants, etc., or management, police, security or epidemic-related express delivery These employees are medium-risk employees, and it is recommended to use medical masks in the workplace. 4. I am neither a medical team nor a production and living place for the aforementioned problems. How should I wear a mask? Answer: If you are located in a densely populated area, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, transportation vehicles, elevators, or usually indoor offices, factory workshops and other environments, or patients in medical institutions (except fever clinics), or intensive study and Active people school. Students etc. are usually the people with the lowest exposure risk. It is recommended that children using disposable medical masks can choose masks with the same performance. 5. Under what circumstances can I not use a mask? Answer: If you are healthy, you usually belong to a low-risk group at home in a well-ventilated or low-density area and do not need to wear a mask. For example, there are no suspicious patients at home, no close contact, no family members returning from the epidemic area; guests or suspected patients in the epidemic area do not take a private car; work in a well-ventilated place. Keep the air unblocked and keep a sufficient distance from the neighbors; turn around; no tourists gather in the park, and you can keep a sufficient distance from the surrounding people; the office strictly adopts disinfection, temperature measurement and ventilation measures. When there is no suspect or close contact with colleagues, in this case, there is no need to wear a mask. 6. What kind of mask should children wear and what should be paid attention to? Answer: Children should choose products that meet national standards and are marked with child or youth protective particle masks. Before using the mask, children should read carefully and correctly understand the instructions with the help of their parents to master the correct use method. Parents should always pay attention to the situation of their children wearing masks. If the child feels uncomfortable while wearing a mask, he should adjust or stop wearing it in time. Due to the small face of children, it cannot fit the edges of adult masks perfectly. It is not recommended that children wear adult masks that meet the requirements. 7. What should I pay attention to when wearing a mask? Answer: Choose the right mask. Wash your hands before putting on a mask. When putting on the mask, please keep the mask close to your face, while pressing the aluminum foil on both sides of the nose with the fingers of your left and right hands to reduce the surrounding air leakage. The nose of the medical mask is clamped at the top, and it is pressed strongly during use. After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask. If you must touch the mask, wash your hands before and after touching the copper mask. When removing the mask, avoid touching the outside of the mask and wash your hands immediately. 8. Is it safer to use a two-layer mask? Answer: Wearing a two-layer mask cannot improve safety. 9. What should I do with the mask after use? Answer: If you are a healthy person, you can dispose of used masks according to household garbage classification requirements. If you are a suspicious case or have been diagnosed, the mask you wear cannot be thrown away at will. It must be treated as medical waste and strictly disposed of in accordance with appropriate medical waste procedures.
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