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Does rhinitis wear anti-smog masks work?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-14
Is it useful to wear anti-smog masks for rhinitis? It is important to wear anti-smog masks for rhinitis. Patients with allergic rhinitis can wear anti-smog masks, but ordinary anti-haze masks may only have the function of heat preservation to avoid cold air contact with the nose For rhinitis, if you want to prevent smog, you may need to use professional masks. It is recommended that the masks be cleaned and disinfected every day.     Is it useful to wear anti-smog masks for rhinitis? Everyone regards masks as a kind of cold-proof and thermal insulation products. In recent years, people seldom wear anti-haze masks because they do not need to be used for cold protection and heat preservation. But wearing a mask is sometimes necessary for patients with rhinitis. Masks can filter and keep the inhaled air, and have a certain effect on disease prevention, virus prevention and dust prevention. Experiments show that: a copper mask with 4 layers of gauze can block 90%-94% of bacteria, and a copper copper mask with 6 layers of gauze can block 97% of bacteria. Therefore, when respiratory infectious diseases are prevalent, or when going out with a cold, you should wear a mask to prevent influenza. This not only protects you from cold, but also prevents pathogenic microorganisms from being inhaled.     Working in dust and poisonous environment, or going out when the temperature is very low, you should also wear a mask to prevent rhinitis from getting worse. However, some people wear masks when the weather is slightly cold, or even wear them all winter, thinking that they can reduce the irritation of the nasal cavity from cold air, so that rhinitis will not worsen or recur. This view is actually incorrect. Because the nasal mucosa has a rich spongy vascular network, the blood circulation is strong. When cold air is inhaled, the inhaled air can be heated and humidified at any time. In addition, the nasal cavity is a curved channel and there are 3 turbinates. The surface area of u200bu200bthe nasal mucosa is increased, and the mucosa of the throat, trachea, and bronchi are heated and humidified, so that the air is close to body temperature when it is inhaled into the lungs. Moreover, the human nasal mucosa, like the mucous membranes of other parts of the respiratory tract, needs to be exercised. If you can regularly and properly contact with cold air, it can improve the ability of the nasal mucosa to adapt to the cold; on the contrary, often cover a large mask to make the nasal mucosa change. If you are squeamish, you can get a cold easily. Does rhinitis wear anti-smog masks work? Wearing anti-rhinitis masks is exquisite.     In addition to keeping the nose warm and dustproof, health care measures should also be taken at ordinary times. So how long does it take to change anti-haze masks? After all, anti-haze masks should not be worn for a long time. Too much reliance on masks will reduce the ability of the nasal mucosa to adapt to cold stimuli and become fragile and delicate, which is not conducive to disease resistance. So while paying attention to keeping warm, you might as well do a health exercise for your nose. The simple thing is to wash your face in the morning and evening and wash your nose with cold water several times to enhance the nose's ability to adapt to the cold and the moisture of the nasal mucosa. When washing your face in the morning, you can rub the skin on both sides of the nose and the surrounding skin with a towel to heat up to improve blood circulation and adapt to the cold outside temperature; or clamp the root of the nose with your thumb and index finger and massage from top to bottom several times to promote Nasal mucosal blood circulation, normal nasal mucus secretion, etc.  Prevent rhinitis. A good way is to keep warm and cold. Can you run with an anti-smog mask? For office workers who ride bicycles, run, or walk, wear anti-smog masks to keep warm and dust. Wearing a copper mask can reduce the irritation of dry and cold air and hot and cold air to the respiratory mucosa. At the same time, winter is a high incidence of colds and viruses. Wearing a copper mask to prevent influenza is also a simple and effective way to block the invasion of viruses. In places with poor air quality, patients with allergic rhinitis or respiratory diseases should especially use masks to filter out dust or harmful gases in the air. 398
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