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Does the anti-smog mask have a shelf life?

by:Copper Plus     2021-05-16
Does the anti-smog mask have a shelf life? We all know that the concept of shelf life is often used in food, daily chemicals, and electric products, while fabric products such as clothing have little shelf life.   However, when I was buying anti-haze masks recently, I accidentally heard a staff member of Qianbaidun masks, saying that the masks actually have a shelf life. This concept is quite new to the author. Now I will excerpt some opinions to share with you:    According to the staff of this mask dealer in Anhui, the life span of masks is actually determined by the fabric material, technology, user habits, etc. Aspects. Anti-smog mask    on the fabric: Because the copper mask is in direct contact with the face and mouth, its breathability, softness, flexibility and durability are the main factors that determine the duration of the mask. Among them, the air permeability is directly related to the cleanliness of the mask, and only by ensuring the cleanliness of the mask can the mask play its protective role and will not become a breeding ground for germs. The good softness can avoid itching and allergies when the face is rubbed against the fabric. To a certain extent, it can also prolong the use time of the mask. As for the flexibility and durability, it is more related to whether the shape of the mask remains unchanged. The person in charge of    labor insurance said that the deformation of the mask means that it cannot be used, and it is also when it should die.  Technical aspects: With the high incidence of air pollution such as haze, the intensity of air pollution continues to increase, and now the life of masks must be improved, and they must be continuously updated and improved technically. This not only requires the introduction of new filter material technology, but also requires excellence in the fit between the mask and the face.   For example, the Gigi mask, in the details of the ear strap stitching technology, avoids the traditional sewing method and adopts the thermal bonding technology. This small technological innovation melts the surface of the hot-melt fiber through hot-air bonding, thereby increasing the contact area between the fibers, effectively preventing the earband from breaking and deforming and stretching, and improving the life of the earband. details make a difference. It is the increase in the life span of such small details, which greatly improves the overall shelf life of masks.  Using habits: The person in charge of labor insurance said that if the fabric and technology of a copper mask reach an excellent level, the shelf life is at least 2 years. However, if the use of masks, as well as the cleaning and maintenance methods, are not carried out in accordance with the scientific method, then its life span will be greatly reduced.   Therefore, the life of the mask is determined by the manufacturer's production materials and processes, as well as the user's use and maintenance methods. 178
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