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Dust mask should be how to choose the need to pay attention to?

by:Copper Plus     2020-12-21
should be how to choose the need to pay attention to? Urban environment more and more bad, now there are some dust in the air, so a lot of people travel will choose wearing surgical masks. Now masks, there are many kinds of disposable masks, disposable surgical masks, , etc. , so small make up today is to introduce the should be how to choose, choose the need to pay attention to? Actually when selecting a can from three aspects to consider, is that safe, comfortable, economy three aspects, detailed look at the specific. Security 1, the higher the degree of protection, security and more , protection grade is of ultrafine dust filtration efficiency. ( The best GB2626 - the execution 2006 the latest standards, dust masks are rated KN100, KN95, KN90, including KN100 highest grade, filtering effect is best. KN100 level for the best ) 2, the best to the face perfect combination, KN100 levels of , filtration efficiency in 99. More than 97%, but wear to each different face to ensure the perfect combination of workers face, this is the second key to safety. So the best perfect combination should be in the face. 3, exhalation valve sealing. To ensure the exhalation valve reverse blocking. At present advanced imported silicone material exhalation valve, better improve security. Comfortable moment 1, on face, so choose close skin sex best , at present advanced import, food-grade silicone non-toxic, colorless and tasteless. Has excellent close skin sex. Material for plastic, rubber, plastics, material, not only can't perfect combination to the face, and the secondary damage to the human body. 2, the best lower respiratory resistance of , front-line workers work requires a lot of energy, low respiratory resistance is the important of comfort. Economic one, then consider is economy. Because is used to protect health. Choose the and the service life of the dust filter elements long , is the comprehensive protective measure is cost. If a can is 1 yuan a day, poor quality and low degree of protection; One is 100 yuan a set for half a year, best quality and the degree of protection. There is no doubt that the second choice, the former to spend money to achieve effective protection, no breakouts spend about $1 a day, the latter got effective protection, a day to spend approximately zero. 6 yuan. This is the qualitative difference. Economy needs comprehensive consideration. The above content is how to choose the method of , and when need to pay attention to some details, hope can help to you. Latex gloves and chemical protective performance of nitrile gloves, which is why some hospital has a better wear disposable gloves prohibited by the provisions of the elevator?
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